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Jon Dale is an Ottawa/Gatineau based original high-voltage blues-rock-folk-country-jazz-funk band with catchy guitar riffs, bouncy funky beats, and blue-eyed melodic harmonies and progressions. The initial project was formed in summer 2021 during the high of the Covid pandemic by an incredibly talented singer/songwriter Matt Carriere, super funky bassist Eugene Mamichev, and an energizing and eloquent drummer Patrick Marshall. An amazingly versatile, jazzy and bluesy lead guitarist Nick Carrere joined the project in spring 2022 adding powerful crafty guitar licks to already great arrangements.


Remarkably, the practices were initially held at a local Anglican church in Aylmer to respects the public health rules and support the local congregation. During the blessed "church phase" the band has developed a set of 20+ originals and is now in the process of recording their first LP.


A jazz and blues virtuoso vocalist Katy Shnier joined the band during fall of 2022 adding to the band's unique ambient lounge presence and violet's flavor.


The band's style is described as a mix of Elton John, Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones, Lynn Miles, RHCP, Beatles, Rolling Stones and with Southern Rock hints. The band has a notable following and has a had a number of sold out local shows, e.g. "the Rainbow Bistro", "Avant-Gard Bar", "The British Pub" and others. The project is currently organizing several local events e.g. "Heal the world with art and music", "The city blues nights" and is being considered for a number of visible events e.g. "Nogu Svelo", "Country Club Pool Boy Party' as well as "Ottawa Bluesfest and Jazzfest" as well as "Ottawa Folkfest"

Photo courtesy of Curtis Perry

   ... Birthed during "that time" in the history of the human world,  four bored horseman of the apocalypse joined forces to bring about a thunder unlike no one had ever before heard. Reaching out into the void, the horsemen searched for deep and powerful forces that could once again bridge the space which  separates humankind from the ways of transcendence. Unimaginable for most to take upon this unbearable quest, the men were thrown into this unforgivable world, into the deepest bowels of the darkest corners of the most unearthed lands of the unexplored crevasses and cenotes of the worlds fiery hot burning flames of......ummm... the dragons layer.. uh... wait,.....steamed hams.... wait, what was I saying? ​Oh well, never mind all that.What we're getting at here is that we play a blend of country/rock.​Yes. That's what we're getting at.

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